Saturday, September 15, 2007

14 bachelors offered at auction

A strange news comes with metro thestar about party at KL aimed at raising breast cancer awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Welfare Association,
So what do you think of it?? For me it’s a new experience about Malaysian women and far from what I have in my mind about Malaysia society. Or it’s just that my expectations are different from the real things in life.
C the link

Good food 4 bad mood :)

Getting food that goose with my taste used to be a big burden in KL , coz I’m a food
Lover but very sensitive to the taste of that food , trying new restaurant is something will cost you a fortune specially if you don’t have enough money to spend exploring new menu ,
One of my favorite restaurants is located out side kerinchi LRT station it’s a Korean food restaurant (open buffet) , eat as much as you can but any waste food they will charge you for it
I leave you with the pictures , and its quite cheap comparing with other restaurants @ big malls

Friday, September 14, 2007

Explore KL, almost free ,1 RM / Day

We are using Rapid KL buss to commute from University to Terminal putra( LRT) , one day we find out that we can use the same ticket for several trips , in other words we can use the ticket all day long , so if someone is looking for low-priced tour in Kuala Lumpur City (KL) ,the best way to explore it is to jump in one of the rapid KL busses and take a map with you to show you the Rapid KL stations . wooooooooooow that’s something.