Thursday, November 1, 2007

National Record holder @ memorizing Numbers

One of the most interesting seminars we attended at the Malaysia festival of mind was the show presented by Anant Kasibahatla the national record holder for memorizing numbers , he demonstrated how he can memorize different numbers suggested by the audience up to 70 digit , and in just one minite and 20 seconds he managed to memorize the whole number , the amazing thing is he teach people how to visualize numbers , languages and many other things doing so he gives hope to people like me who keep forgetting their names some time , also he offered a free file with some information about how to memorize and how to use your left brain and right brain in an effective way
He talked about the technique he use for memorizing:
Visualize, make it fun, and the last one you can read it in some book he gave it 2 for free on his website .memory vision